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There are few sensible people, we find, except those who share our opinions.
La Rochefoucauld, Maxims

It works

Mediation is effective (with a success rate of over 75%) and robust.

You stay in control

Mediation enables you to keep control of your dispute and to shape your own settlement.

It saves you time & money

Mediation allows you to settle your dispute quickly (often in a single day) and relatively inexpensively.

About Andrew Sims

Andrew Sims is an accomplished all round mediator. He is noted for his breadth of mediation experience and his track record in achieving lasting settlements. His practice covers civil, commercial, workplace, employment and family mediation.

Andrew specializes in mediating highly charged disputes. With a business background and a degree in Psychology, his twenty-three years industry experience have given him a unique insight into handling disputes, both in the UK and abroad.

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