Why choose Andrew as your mediator?

Andrew is a mediation specialist with a business background and a degree in Psychology. His twenty-three years industry experience have given him a unique insight into handling disputes, both in the UK and abroad.

Andrew is an accomplished all round mediator. He is noted for his breadth of mediation experience and his track record in achieving lasting settlements. His practice covers civil / commercial, workplace / employment and family mediation. He specializes in mediating highly charged disputes.

Andrew understands commercial negotiation and is skilled in conflict coaching and consensus building. He is a member of the Government (DCLG) Planning Mediation Services Panel.

He has experienced, first hand, the daily pressures of being in business. He understands how fraught negotiations can become and how frustrating it is if they break down.

In Andrew’s experience, commercial disputes are rarely, if ever, purely technical, or just about money. There is often a personal dimension. These emotional and psychological factors can create barriers to a mediated settlement if they are not sufficiently addressed and this is where Andrew makes a decisive difference.

Andrew’s professional background is in construction and property. He has held board level positions in project management, commercial management and client relationship management with a number of companies, ranging from a small high-tech start up company, to a large global consultancy. He also has substantial international business experience, having run the international office of a French construction system supplier for seven years.

He has carried out work for many public and private sector clients, including central and local government, housing associations, NHS trusts, banks, developers and private clients. He understands the mindset of business owners and public sector decision makers alike.